Idaho Falls Communities

Home seekers will enjoy the many different neighborhoods to choose from here as well as the variety of houses, condos and townhomes available. Depending on where you settle, you could be right downtown, next to a popular community park or near top-rated schools.

We hope that our community information will help you to choose between the many wonderful areas as each has a lot to offer the home buyer.


Idaho Falls

Widely considered one of the country’s best places to live, Idaho Falls is a town in which people of all ages will feel right at home. The largest city in eastern Idaho, Idaho Falls  offers a distinct selection of properties including larger riverside homes and cozy two-bedroom houses in the city. Attractions in Idaho Falls include the popular Tautphaus Park Zoo, the perfect venue for a weekend trip with family and friends.

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Rural Rigby Idaho is characterized by its rustic charm and low cost of living. With a population of 4,000, Rigby is a growing town with new business opportunities offering employment. An abundance of new jobs and access to some of the area’s great golf courses make Rigby a natural choice for young families and professionals.

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America’s 14th largest state, Idaho invites millions of visitors each year to discover the rich natural history in the region, where volcanic craters and picturesque mountain landscapes are common sights. The Idaho economy is primarily resource-based as the state is one of the U.S.’s leading producers of silver and zinc. In recent years, however, investment in new technology has helped Idaho become an economic hub for technology and science research firms.



Shelley is the ideal town for new families moving to the area. Just under half of the households within the community have a child under the age of 18 living at home. And the population of 4,400 people is expected to grow considerably in the future as new businesses and job opportunities arise, leading to a projected 31.48% job growth rate over the next decade.

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Swan Valley

Population 202, Swan Valley has spectacular natural landscapes and wide rural expanses that could make the perfect home for those looking to build custom properties. With 43% of Swan Valley’s recently built properties available, proactive buyers may also find affordable prices on large farm-style homes in this fast-growing community. 

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