About Swan Valley

Situated in the breathtaking natural surroundings of Bonneville County, Swan Valley is a community at the inception of its growth. Nestled on the banks of the Snake River, Swan Valley is predominantly known for its outdoor adventure activities, which make the town a magnet for fishing and outdoors people alike. The South Fork of the Snake River is the hub of most activity in Swan Valley. Here, there are opportunities for rafting, kayaking and canoeing.

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A rural community with a population of just 212 that grows to over 4,000 during summer, Swan Valley is in the midst of a property building phase. Currently, 43% of the buildings within the town are available, highlighting the potential for future growth within the city, where infrastructure is steadily being established. The majority of residents in the town (70%) are married and many households have young children.

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Those searching for schools in the region will find Swan Valley offers many highly respected educational institutions. Swan Valley Elementary School is the select choice for parents wanting an individualized learning program for their children. Catering to children from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8, the school has a student population of 57, enabling a greater student-teacher ratio than many other local area institutions. This ensures that formative learning experiences are based on the unique educational needs of each student.

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