About Idaho

Idaho Falls, ID

The 14th largest state in the United States, Idaho combines captivating natural scenery with a promising economic future. The mountain ranges that surround the state also bring with them many of Idaho’s natural resources.

Tourism is a key economic resource in Idaho. Each year, millions of visitors from all parts of the globe visit the state to explore craters of extinct volcanoes and ski breathtaking slopes at Sun Valley resort in the Saw Tooth Mountains. Idaho is also home to the magnificent Shoshone Falls, where water cascades down 212 feet of rock to the river below. With the state committing significant resources to its education programs, families are now making Idaho their home for the future. The University of Idaho, formed in 1889, is continually recognized as one of the leading public schools in the U.S. by the Princeton Review.

Idaho has become one of the United States’ leading producers of precious metals such as silver and zinc. Forestry is also an important part in the greater Idaho economy and ensures that the state’s lumber supplies are among the highest in the country. In recent years, Idaho has also experienced strong growth in its science and technology sectors. These two industries combine to form the state’s largest economic center.

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